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Halaxi™ Lumbar support pillow


Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pains

Lower back pain can be a serious problem. It is normally caused by poor posture, overweight, strains, disc injury, pregnancy, arthritis, and aging

Lower back pain can be made worse with poor sleeping conditions. Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillowis the world’s first buckwheat lumbar support sleep pillow to treat lower back pain.

Don’t let lower back pain keep you from living your best life! >>> Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow comes to Worldwide Shipping if in any case, it does not work out for you, feel free to contact us for a return.

How Does It Work?

Feel the Difference After 7 Nights - Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow is simple to use. There are no strenuous exercises involved. Just position your lower back on Halaxi™ Pillow's buckwheat core while you sleep and let Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow do the job.

On average, Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow users start feeling a firmer back after a week with at least 1-2 hours usage per night.

Progressive Pain Relief - It takes some time for your body to adjust to the Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow. Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow’s buckwheat core will start to conform and mold to the contours of your lower back providing a firm upward lift. 

This helps to restore your spine neutral position and release the tension in your back.

Perfect Physical Therapy Solution - Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow is suitable for those who have trouble stretching the lower back. Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow comes in 2 adjustable heights - moderate and advanced.

For those requiring a deeper stretch, you can attach the height disk.

Suitable for Both Back & Side Sleepers - Regardless if you are a back or side sleeper, Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow cushioned peripheral supports help to hold and maintain your body to the firm central core.

This ensures that your neutral position is maintained regardless of your sleeping position.

What Our Customers Say

"I got mine today and slept like a baby. I love it."
- Candas M.

"Love mine. Really helps."
- Mandy L.

"Arrived already and have been using it😀"
- Dolly F.

We Only Use Premium Material

Buckwheat Hulls
Our signature buckwheat hulls central core delivers remarkable back support, enhanced airflow, and lasting durability.

High-Density Cotton
Comfortable pearl cotton offers extra support while still maintaining the shape of the pillow.

Breathable Mesh Linen
Breathable and hypoallergenic, this luxurious open mesh provides just the right bounce while keeping you cool all night.


Inch: 22'' x 13.5'' x 3.5''

Common Halaxi™ Pillow Questions

Q: Who can use Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow?
A: Anyone can use Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow

Q: How to use Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow?
A: Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow is best suited for sleeping or lying down on a bed or recliner. Just ensure that your lower back/aching area is rested against the center core of the Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow. 

Q: When would I start feeling the results with Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow?
A: We recommend to rest on Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow for at least 1-2 hours for 7 straight nights to start feeling the results. If your sleeping habits permit, you can also sleep throughout the night with Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow.

Q: I have a firm /soft mattress, how does Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow help?
A: Firm mattresses may be too hard and unable to conform to the arch of your lower back. Soft mattresses tend to sink in as a whole without providing much support. Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow helps to provide a firm yet moldable support just for your lower back.

Q: How does sleeping on Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow feels like?
A: Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow is towards the firm side. Thus your body might need some time to adjust to it.

Q: I have a memory foam lumbar support pillow, why do I still needHalaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow?
A: You can use Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow together with your memory foam pillow as part of your lower back treatment. Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow tends to be on the firmer side and will provide a deeper stretch as compared to the memory foam pillow.

Q: Can I use Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow in a seated position?
A: Yes. You would need to adjust accordingly. But is best suited when laying down.

Q: Are there any specific care instructions for Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow?
A: Do not wash Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow as it may damage the buckwheat hulls. You can use Halaxi™ Lumbar Support Pillow with a normal pillowcase or just clean it with a light spraying of baking soda solution.

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